Byte. PĂREREA MEA. Generaţia Adormită

i'm a lumberjack and i'm ok. i sleep all night and i work all day.Website-ul s-a mutat

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2 Responses to “Byte. PĂREREA MEA. Generaţia Adormită”
  1. anonim spune:

    Dude, esti tare, serios. Si daca vreau sa ies inafara cu muzica? Aia n-or sa inteleaga romana. Sau imi iau translator? Il chem pe paunescu sa recite in engleza in timp ce eu cant in romana.

    This is gonna be soooo funny :))

    • Dude, it’s all about climbing a ladder. You have to take step 2 before you take step 3. And so on.
      always remember Law of the Jungle #13: to get to the top you have to keep your feet on the ground.
      Who in Hell will sign a no-name band from Eastern Europe with no experience, no local hits and a bad English accent?
      First step: take on YOUR market. play in your local language
      Step Two: take on your neighbors. start playing English language songs
      Step Three: take on Europe, add on trademark elements …
      and so on, and so on.

      Rome wasn’t built in a day.

      I am writing this stuff for bands who are serious about the business. Anyone can do as they please, of course.
      You can all sing in Chinese for all I care.

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