Zoom. FRaHcO. Festivaluri 2010 (France)

Avem un nou colaborator temporar la ClickZoomBytes.

De data asta semnătura vine din Nantes. Franţa.

Bienvenue Ahco la CZB. Sperăm într-o colaborare cât mai lungă. În primul editorial, Ahco ne va prezenta scena muzicală franceză.

Din motive obiective, Ahco ne va scrie în engleză.

Primavara a venit!! The flowers are out, birds are starting to sing … and the festival season is just around the corner!!

Le Printemps de Bourges

I will present you the most important festivals in France. The one that kicks off the official Summer Festival list “Le Printemps de Bourges” (from 13 – 18 April). The reputation of this festival has had success through the huge program, and also by an important effort on the organizer’s part to discover new talent. For 25 years the festival has been a special place for debut acts, also through a cooperation with a famous CD shop Sailer give the selected artists an opportunity for special promotion and distribution throughout their chain of stores. New artists that debut at a Festival onstage here also have gained special attention from the media because they are tagged as “Revelation de Printemps de Bourges”. The media will therefore also follow these bands during the full summer festival season. 30 regional subsidiaries make the band selection from among 3.900 candidates, but only 31 of them will be chosen for the 2010 Printemps de Bourges.


Les Vieilles Charrues

Le festival “Les Vieilles Charrues” is also one of the historical French festivals. For the 15th edition, their stage will receive Muse, Indochine, Phoenix, Gorija, Mr Oizo….

It is famous for its eclectic program that attracts a large crowd, like old people, families, teenagers…

When I read the story of this event on web site of the ONG organizer I was astonished. 15 years ago a group a friends decided to celebrate the end of school. This first edition was more like a private party, and then they decided to open it up to everybody. Year by year, the party slowly became an important festival which functions with a local volunteer community. Many of the ONGs participating come on account of the ONGs will receive financial support for their projects from the benefits of the festival.



Each year, in every region of France, a new festival appears. Some resist just one edition, others will, on the contrary, start to impose themselves as important festivals in the future. Such is the case of Hellfest who will take place in Clisson on the 18, 19, 20th of July. Last year there were 60.000 festival-goers at the 4th edition. In just 4 years this festival became in France the biggest for this kind of music. I am curious to see the little town of 6.000 inhabitants that will welcome a crowd ten times as big that will come to see: Deftones, Kiss, Sepultura, Airboune, Mass Hysteria this year.


To present you all the festivals in France is hard work. I will mention 5 other important events:

  • Francopholie (La Rochelle), the 26 th edition will be held July 13 – 17, 2010. It is dedicated to French language artists.
  • Eurockénne de Belfort, the 22nd edition, from July 2 to 4 features headlining acts Jay-Z and Charlotte Gainsbourg.
  • Les Trans Musicals de Rennes was founded in 1979. This festival warns the beginning of winter (2-4 December 2009) with a program featuring foreign groups (if I remember well Shukar Collective has played there 3 or 4 years ago)
  • Rock en Seine (Paris). From the 27th to the 29th of August, this Stage will welcome Cypress Hill, Massive Attack
  • Solidays ( Paris.). All the benefits of the festival are donated to an ONG or project against AIDS. This year headlining artists invited will be: M, Archibe, Kasabian, Hocus Pocus, Izia.

On Woormee I made a personal playlist with a selection of 20 songs free to listen to from artists who are scheduled to appear at these different events.

There are 20 artist singing in English, 10 are French and the rest foreign bands. Enjoy.


Ahco. Nantes

2 aprilie 2010

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