Byte. CITAT. DJ Richie Hawtin. Despre limbajul unui DJ

Right now I’m using Ableton and Serato. To be honest I would like to move more and more away from turntables. It’s a little bit difficult still, because the crowd understands what the turntables are and it’s not about turntables, but there’s a certain interaction that you’re physically doing that the people can see. After 15 years the crowd has finally become to understand the language of a DJ. They always knew the language of a drummer or of a guitar player and now also of a DJ. To change that again you have to slowly work with the people to let them adapt, to let them get used to the new direction.

Richie Hawtin.

despre limbajul unui DJ la turntables.

Cel mai tare DJ al momentului, anglo-canadianul Richie Hawtin, vine la Club Midi Cluj în 14 mai.

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