Byte. ŞTIRE. CITAT. IUNIE 2010. Gary Lucas organizează Chineese Idol în August

The Edge of Heaven has just been re-released under the Tin Factory label. Gary Lucas plays mid 20th Century Chineese Pop. It appeared in 2001 and was considered one of the albums of the year by Rolling Stone Magazine and other journals.

I’ve been asked to do a concert in Holland for the Holland Festival in June 2011 with new singers and they’re sending me to Shanghai in August 2010 to audition new female vocalists because the album is a tribute to two 1930’s Chineese film stars.

I will also be playing in a club in Shanghai… so it’s going to become a kind of Chineese Idol

An excerpt taken from the May 29th 2010 Press Conference held in Cluj-Napoca for the Transylvaia International Film Festival (TIFF)

O filmare din concertul de la Cluj. 2.06.2010. muzica de pe album

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