Zoom. FRaHcO. Rock & Wok. Women In French Rock.

Author: AhCo

Our French Correspondent

A few days ago, I was watching TV and suddenly I saw a young lady on the stage concert asking the public «Do you feel sexy, tonight?». After this, she started to sing with her strong voice and she was jumping everywhere. To be honest, the first thing I noticed was the easiness she had in jumping with her 10 cm high-heel shoes. Then I realised that this women was IZIA;

  • the French Revelation Award

(Best Newcomer) and

  • Best pop/rock Album Award

at the 2010 Victoire de la Musique Awards.

During this ceremony, she plays the song «Let me alone» Live

I watched her performance and stayed totally impressed by her energy & her voice. I heared about her before but I was not really interested. All articles spotlight on the fact she was the daughter of a famous French singer. Usually, I don’t paid attention to persons coming from famous artist families, because I think they focus on them for all the wrong reasons. I am more attentive to what could be their music and not their family.

In Izia’s case, it was a mistake from my part, to repair it I started to study her life.

She has released only one album in 2009, but she has been playing Live since she was 14 years old, when she took the decision to stop school because she was too bad… The girl is “la nouvelle rockeuse française”, to be honest they are not a lot of Rock Chicks in France. At 16 years, she was not signed on a major label yet but she started out by playing like Iggy Pop.

When I started to think about famous French Women in Rock Music I was only able to name English or American bands. I remembered the singers from Garbage, Cranberries, Texas, Evanescence, Skunk Anansie… How many times I imitated Skin, yelling in front of my mirror “Weak as I am, no tears for you…”. My rock star career stopped in the limits of my room, the only thing I am able to rock now is food in my wok….

Well, I was able to cite a thousand names of Male French Rock Bands: Noir Désir, Les Garçons Bouchers, FFF, Trust, Aston Villa, Bashung, The Thugs, Les VRP, Tarmac

I sent an SOS to my Facebook friends to find names of famous French Rock Bands with a female singer. The results… I succeed to get two names Dolly and Superbus.

Dolly had been known with the song Je n’veux pas rester sage in 1997

The second group I am not a big fan, because I have a problem with their lyrics

Superbus. Apprends-moi

I am sure there are other women but unfortunately they are too underground and certainly not supported by the media. During the 90’s, this decade was the fashion of Diva Voice and at the end RnB Voice. For 2 or 3 years, it is like a new trend to have a Rock attitude. In shows like Pop Star, Star Academy, French Idol.

Year after year the rock profile of such shows develops more, so mass media and major labels started to pay more attention to these bands. I am not surprised by the success of Izia or

Plasticines. Barcelona

This group is composed only by 20 year old girls. Their second album was produced by Butch Walker, American producer of Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne… The global context is favourable for them now.

I am really glad the French media, the French majors & the French public finally supports Female Rock Bands. Maybe this way I will discover those who have been playing since the 90’s and that I never have had the opportunity to hear before…

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  1. Sir Olaf Pol spune:

    but how about ETHS

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