Zoom. FRaHcO. Musette. Manea de France

You get Manele , and we have Musette….

Today I will speak about music mainly loved by old people in France and not appreciated by young people: “Musette” music.

You can listen to it usually at dancing balls (Bal) It is a special way to play Java, Waltzes, Tango, it is faster than the original music genres. The accordeon is the main musical element of a Bal musette. These festivities are excuses for old people to be well dressed and for young people to get drunk for no particular reason.

During every town’s celebration, you get in the morning flea market or traditional activities / and in the evening, a “Bal”. This is an important time to socialize and a long time ago – to find a wife or husband. It is an opportunity for old people to break their loneliness.

After each song the singer says “you have to kiss the woman you danced with”, which always provokes a funny situation.

The music is played by a special local band and of course there are also stars in this style.

When I was a child, the main popular singers or accordion players were

  • André Verchuren

  • Yvette Horner

There was also a special show on TV during the afternoon …I don’t know if there are still such things. You can also listen this music in special place.

  • The first one is call “Guingette”, which has to be located close to a river. This place offers the possibility to dance but also to eat specialities of fish, with wine, of course.

  • The other place is a kind of club with persons attending the event averaging 65 years of age, it is called “ Thé-dansant”. It is a spot dedicated to this kind of music, open from 2 to 10 p.m. Do you have such places in Romania?

Why I am speaking about this?

A few days ago I went to a Bal, I thought it could be a nice idea to speak about this. Also because this kind of music is a part of our music patrimony for more than a century. Each generation is dancing to the same songs – like Edith Piaf hits (obviously remixed for Bal musette)… For foreign people is it the French stereotype, for young French people is it old fashioned and for older persons it is just a way to feel alive burning the dance floor…

You see in Romania you get Manele, and we get musette… Lyrics sometime are practically similar.

So now my friends can understand why I am able to listen to Manele – after few years my ears have became resistant to this style ….

I dedicate this article to my Daddy, who traumatized my ears during my first years of existence with the vibes of André Verchuren and Yvette Horner.

The survival Lexicon of “Bal musette

  • cavalier” or “cavaliére” for wowen, it is the person with whom you dance.
  • Et maintenant on embrasse la cavaliére” Now you have to kiss the person with whom you are dancing. So before, you have to pay attention with whom you dance….
  • Disc Jockey” it is the way old people say DJ.
  • On va guincher” Let’s dance (used only for Bal musette)
  • On va à la buvette” Let’s have a drink
  • Je voudrais un petit jaune” I would like a pastis
  • Je voudrais un ballon de rosé” I would like a glass of Rosé

Author: AnCo

(The French Connection)

7 Responses to “Zoom. FRaHcO. Musette. Manea de France”
  1. Lord, I hope Manele never gains a traditional popularity! It has nothing to do with traditional Romanian music, such as Taraf or Muzica de pahar. Manele gets its roots in Subcontinental India and Asian Turkey. There is no direct relationship to traditional Romanian (Balkan) rhythms.

  2. mihnea (Luna Amara) spune:

    Ahco, I don’t think there is any similarity between Manele and Musette. Do the lyrics of Musette speak about enemies, making a lot of money, revenge, fucking a bitch, the pride of beeing a thief? I think not.
    For me, Musette is funny; Manele are a horror.

    • Ahco spune:

      Here it is Mihnea you find musette funny and Manele are a horror. I think of musette as BAD music and manele as funny (I understand manele lyrics). That’s why i made the comparation… Personnaly i consider manele AND Musette as kitch music. I just want to present a musical style made in France that nearly 80% of young people don’t appriciate and are not proud about, just as in Romania perhaps 80% of young people don’t like manele.
      The musette lyrics are of a low imagination, and really kitshy, speaking about love….
      Don’t worry for topics as: making a lot of money, revenge, fucking a bitch, the pride of being a thief / we have Bling bling Hip-hop… I can give more sad examples if you want.

  3. mihnea (Luna Amara) spune:

    you gotta reverse the percentage to come close to reality: nearly 80% of romanian youth LIKE manele, and that’s the sad truth. ok, maybe not 80, but 60% for sure…

  4. ahco spune:

    Sorry for this mistake, i say this because maybe 99% of my romanian friend hate manele ;-)…
    Anyway with this article i hope you discovered a new french music style, it is my main target. I thought to compare to manele as reference would be a good example, maybe not. I just wanted to show that also in France we get this kind of ” Kistch music”.
    In France unfortunatly lot of young people love this bling bling hip hop, the lyrics are similar to them for manele maybe worse……

  5. sandy spune:

    Richie de la CZB, te-ai calmat cu LUNA AMARA? Ti-a trecut?

    • esti off-topic complet si nu sunt obligat sa iti raspund, deoarece ai adresa falsa de email si te semnezi sub pseudonim.
      Just for the heck of it, though… Luna amara nu va TRECE niciodata. am dedicat 20% din viata mea (pana la momentul respectiv) acelui proiect muzical. Este lamentabil faptul ca se imbata cu apa rece si penibil ca traieste in 2010 din inertia primilor ani de activitate. Apogeul formatiei din punct de vedere artistic a fost in 2004 / 2005. Pe atunci promovam pe buna dreptate formatia ca fiind cea mai tare trupa LIVE de alternativ si am insistat sa-i bag pretutindeni si pe la diverse evenimente si festivaluri … in zadar … ca nu erau suficient de cunoscuti. Apoi a urmat o perioada de peste 6 luni fara repetitii (iulie – decembrie 2006) !!! Faptul ca lumea de abia acum le descopera si apreciaza hiturile din 2000 – 2004 tine de reticenta si mentalitatea retrograda a organizatorilor.
      Cand am lucrat cu aceasta formatie, nu a inteles ce inseamna CONFIDENTIALITATE, desi am avut si acest capitol acoperit in contract.
      Deoarece nu a stiut sa incheie in mod civilizat colaborarea cu mine, in conditiile propuse, nu gasesc niciun motiv sa respect CONFIDENTIALITATEA fata de acest proiect acum.
      Au fost multe intamplari nostime, interesante, unele avand o finalitate neasteptata, absurda – si din cand in cand o sa le trec in revista, drept exemple, ca momente memorabile din cadrul activitatii normale ale unei formatii.
      Sunt experientele mele personale alaturi de Luna amara si mereu vor fi povestite la persoana 1a. Saptamana trecuta s-au implinit 10 ani de cand proiectul muzical se numeste Luna amara.

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