Byte. GRAFFITI. New Model Army. Ballad of Bodmin Pill

It’s far too late to try to sleep now…

a 40.a aniversare a
Zilei Internaţionale de Respect pentru Pământ

Byte. GRAFFITI. Godmode. Doar Tu

Eu m-am pierdut in lumea ta
Si numai tu ma poti salva

Byte. GRAFFITI. Paolo Nutini. Simple Things

My father is a wealthy, self made man
But his wealth does not consist of riches or acres of land
Instead he has a family who are
His biggest fans

Byte. GRAFFITI. Jay-Z. Already Home

we not in the same bracket
Not in the same league, don’t shoot at the same baskets
Don’t pay the same taxes

Byte. GRAFFITI. Vonda Shepard. Roll In The Dirt

I just wanna roll in the dirt of my youth

Byte. GRAFFITI. DJ Vasile. Fericirea

adevărul supără

Byte. GRAFFITI. Byron. The Night

you don’t want
The dawn to crumble this dream.
And I see your eyes
Are full of tears

Byte. GRAFFITI. Melanie. Bitter Bad

do me wrong…
…rock n’ roll song

Byte. GRAFFITI. Paolo Nutini. Pencil Full Of Lead

And nothin’s gonna bring me down
I’ve got a nice guitar and jazz in my car

Byte. GRAFFITI. Tracy Chapman. Across The Lines

Don’t no one know her name
Lots of people hurt and angry
She’s the one to blame

Byte. GRAFFITI de Sf. Patrick. U2. Sunday, Bloody Sunday

And it’s true we are immune
When fact is fiction and TV reality
And today the millions cry
We eat and drink while tomorrow they die!

Byte. GRAFFITI. ZOB. Slow Song 12

They told me no one can love forever
I guess it’s true but they didn’t meet you

Byte. GRAFFITI. Legion. Why?

You’re no God,
You’re just a fraud

Byte. GRAFFITI. The Magnetic Fields. From A Sinking Boat

The ink is sinking, the page is blurred
And I can’t read a single word

Byte. GRAFFITI. Tudor Gheorghe. Primăvară

asculţi piesa asta. şi o reasculţi. şi o reasculţi. şi îţi dai seama încet că nu ai nevoie de alta.

Byte. GRAFFITI. New Model Army. Inheritance

These tracks stretch out before me – the ones you left behind
What I want and what I feel – it’s yours, yours, not mine

Byte. GRAFFITI. Vonda Shepard. From the Sun

I was born with desire for somebody to fill this space


I’m sure I’ll never get laid
Please, somebody kill me!

Byte. GRAFFITI. Tracy Chapman. Mountains O’ Things

I won’t die lonely
I’ll have it all prearranged
A grave that’s deep and wide enough
For me and all my mountains o’ things

Byte. GRAFFITI. Lasă-mă să-ţi arăt. Bitza feat. Loredana

lasă-mă să-ţi arăt cine sunt şi ce simt

Byte. GRAFFITI. I Love the World. New Model Army

These cities are illusions of some triumph over Nature’s laws
We’ve seen the iron carcass rust and buildings topple into dust

Byte. GRAFFITI. Tracy Chapman. Fast Car

I said somebody’s got to take care of him
So I quit school and that’s what I did

Byte. GRAFFITI. Luna amară. Tanagra Noise

Şi aş vrea să simt că mă-nconjori.

Byte. GRAFFITI. Blue Mink. Melting Pot

Take a pinch of white man
Wrap it up in black skin
Add a touch of blue blood…

Byte. GRAFFITI. In Fear of Fear. Bauhaus

Then you became
The fear of you

Byte. GRAFFITI. Ada Milea. Graniţa-n Raniţa

altfel de ţară dacă am avea, ne-am bate joc altfel de ea…

Byte. GRAFFITI. ZOB. I wanna be like Cosmo Kramer

I’m reaching my goals without any planning

Byte. GRAFFITI. La fereastra ta. Semnal M

am să mă întorc cândva
Să alung din preajma ta
Tot ce-i trist şi tot ce-i rău.

Byte. GRAFFITI. Midnight Oil. Beds are Burning

the western desert lives and breathes
in forty-five degrees

Byte. GRAFFITI. My Chemical Romance. Welcome to the Black Parade

My father took me into the city
To see a marching band