Zoom. FRaHcO. Musette. Manea de France

You get Manele , and we have Musette….

Today I will speak about music mainly loved by old people in France and not appreciated by young people: “Musette” music.

Zoom. FR.aHcO. Music Quotas on French Radio.

Quotas are shapeless and can be improved for the better of everyone, but at the end, people need it as a necessity to pep up our local creations and talent. This law had revamped French lyric writing, contributing to the further development of “chanson française” or French language “Hip hop“ blossoming.

Zoom. FRaHcO. Rock & Wok. Women In French Rock.

I am really glad the French media, the French majors & the French public finally supports Female Rock Bands. Maybe this way I will discover those who have been playing since the 90’s and that I never have had the opportunity to hear before…

Zoom. FraHcO. Neo vs. Grimus

Ultimul exemplu, care este de fapt cel mai amuzant si trist. Acum 4 ani am fost la Bucuresti, la o magazin cu o spatiul de CD uri destul de mare. Am intrebat pe a vanzator Scuze aveti CD reggae cu artist roman. Tipul m-a dat o CD de la Bob Marley… No comments…

Zoom. INTERVIU. Siam (FR)

De ce sa merg la concertul din Irish&Music Pub?
1. intrarea este liberă
2. din curiozitate. Să vezi cum un bărbat şi o femeie te pot căra cu ei în lumea lor muzicală.
Dacă vă place Siam, vă invit să descoperiţi şi universul muzical Miossec.

Zoom. FRaHcO. Festivaluri 2010 (France)

X Le Printemps de Bourges X Des Vieilles Charrues X Hellfest X Francopholie X Les Trans Musicals de Rennes X Eurockénne de Belfort X Rock en Seine X Solidays