Zoom. INTERVIU. Vonda Shepard. Iulie 2010

CZB: You started playing LA clubs when you were 14. How do they allow minors to play in clubs and When did you realize that Music is your vocation?
Vonda Shepard: Yes, I began playing clubs at the age of 14. I had my parents drive me to the shows, and I played a place where they served food, so it was not illegal. Later in life, however, I had to sort of stay in a certain areas of the clubs- not near the bar. I realized that music was my vocation after the very first show I did. Up until that point, I was interested in Science – astronomy, physics, etc., but the moment I played that first show, I felt so at home- so comfortable. I finally found a safe place to express myself.

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piesele plutesc pe suprafaţa unui ocean de balade filozofice şi triste.

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Nu acordăm nota mai mare pentru că este vorba de un album de preluări.