Zoom. INTERVIU. The Cardigans. 21.11.1996

CZB: How did you start playing the bass guitar?

Magnus Sveningsson (basist, Cardigans): I started playing drums when I was 15. We wanted to start a band and play at a party at school… and we had two drummers and no bass player… so I chose to play the bass guitar instead – and that way I could play in front of the front row of girls – which the drummer cannot do – so that is a good thing.

CZB: If there is a girl in the front row watching you carefully, do you try to get to know her or do you keep away from the fans?

Magnus Sveningsson (basist, Cardigans): Normally, we do not invite people into our dressing room after the show but we actually did it a few nights ago in Manchester and I got one girl’s address, so this was actually one of the first times. I’m not really experienced at picking up girls at concerts… maybe I should just start doing it … I don’t know.