Byte. GRAFFITI. New Model Army. Green and Grey

Then I guess you’ll never read these letters that I send
From the valleys of the green and the grey

Byte. GRAFFITI. New Model Army. Ballad of Bodmin Pill

It’s far too late to try to sleep now…

a 40.a aniversare a
Zilei Internaţionale de Respect pentru Pământ

Byte. GRAFFITI. New Model Army. Inheritance

These tracks stretch out before me – the ones you left behind
What I want and what I feel – it’s yours, yours, not mine

Click. RECENZIE. New Model Army. Thunder and Consolation

Consider albumul experimental şi de efect, având o linie de mijloc – între punk şi muzica cu o tentă ceva mai comercială.

Byte. GRAFFITI. I Love the World. New Model Army

These cities are illusions of some triumph over Nature’s laws
We’ve seen the iron carcass rust and buildings topple into dust