Byte. GRAFFITI. Vonda Shepard. Roll In The Dirt

there’s a lighthouse in my soul
And it’s guiding me

Zoom. INTERVIU. Vonda Shepard. Iulie 2010

CZB: You started playing LA clubs when you were 14. How do they allow minors to play in clubs and When did you realize that Music is your vocation?
Vonda Shepard: Yes, I began playing clubs at the age of 14. I had my parents drive me to the shows, and I played a place where they served food, so it was not illegal. Later in life, however, I had to sort of stay in a certain areas of the clubs- not near the bar. I realized that music was my vocation after the very first show I did. Up until that point, I was interested in Science – astronomy, physics, etc., but the moment I played that first show, I felt so at home- so comfortable. I finally found a safe place to express myself.

Byte. CITAT. Vonda Shepard. Amintirea Momentului când primul om a pus piciorul pe Lună

CZB: When you were six, man landed on the moon and half a million people flocked to Woodstock. Do you have any memories of these events and have they helped shape you in any way?

Vonda Shepard: This is the first time I’ve been asked this question!

Byte. GRAFFITI. Vonda Shepard. Where I Belong

Like an Autumn leaf knowing when to fall

Byte. GRAFFITI. Vonda Shepard. Roll In The Dirt

I just wanna roll in the dirt of my youth

Click. RECENZIE. Vonda Shepard. From The Sun

Atenţie! Nu va fi apreciat de copii!

Byte. GRAFFITI. Vonda Shepard. From the Sun

I was born with desire for somebody to fill this space

Zoom. FOTODOCUMENTAR. Vonda Shepard. CLUJ. 11.Feb.2010

Trupa de spate a artistei Vonda Shepard.
James Roston (chitară), John Hiatt (tobe), Val McCallum (bas)
CLUJ-NAPOCA. Joi 11 februarie. Casa de Cultură a Studenţilor

Click. TURNEU. Vonda Shepard

Vonda Shepard la
Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov, Bucuresti
11 – 14 februarie

Click. RECENZIE. Vonda Shepard. By 7:30

piesele plutesc pe suprafaţa unui ocean de balade filozofice şi triste.

Click. RECENZIE. Vonda Shepard. Songs from Ally McBeal

Nu acordăm nota mai mare pentru că este vorba de un album de preluări.